About Us

The Michelle Harper Story
Michelle Harper is a quirky creative and pioneering fashion designer from Cape Town who boasts over a generation of experience in the fashion industry. Her designs seek to connect on a level of comfort and classic lines, wearable season after season. Each unique piece inspires collaboration with other garments, making versatility a distinctive attribute of the brand.

“...as a South African artist I am profoundly blessed to have been born of this vibrant land. It’s a place that forces your hand at expression; it insists that we show and communicate ourselves freely. Fashion Design is home for me, it’s where I find magic; I hope those who wear my designs can feel it...”

Design in the fashion world is a science like any other; it demands care and precision, it consistently seeks to inspire and transform. It takes pure artistry to imagine, to know its texture and score the perfect fit.

At Michelle Harper Design Studio we understand that creating is sharing and connecting with those who wear it. With over 20 years’ experience in the business, we see each garment as an authentic exploration of the world around us; a process of interlacing patterns, functionality and unique expression.

“Made in Cape Town, worn all over the world”, couldn’t be truer as a Michelle Harper brand statement. Local and global clientele return to her store year on year and it comes as no surprise with her having lived and worked in international markets.  Her designs transcend season and border, gender and occasion, aesthetically composed to suit every form and situation while retaining its elegance.